Rapid Deployment Mobile Surveillance Solution

Easy to deploy temporary or semi-permanent video monitoring

FS Systems’ Mobile Surveillance solutions provide real-time monitoring when and where you need it. These portable products are designed to be deployed in minutes and provide remote video surveillance for a day or for a year. Our economical, rugged trailer systems let you focus more on video monitoring and less on installation. Choose one of our standard trailer configurations or have FS Systems customize a solution that exactly meets your needs. FS Systems’ offers a variety of power plant options so you can pick the power source that best suits your application.

Complete Solutions

FS Systems has a long history of providing video cameras and other security products for challenging applications. Whether you host the software or have us host it, FS Systems can deliver a complete turnkey solution. Our trailer products are also compatible with many popular camera management software packages.

Video When & Where You Need It

FS Systems’ Mobile Surveillance products are ideal for providing temporary or permanent video surveillance for a variety of applications such as construction sites, parking lots, public safety, campus safety, emergency management and law enforcement to name a few.

Mobile Platforms

Most temporary surveillance application requirements can be met with our standard trailer platforms. However, if you have challenging requirements, we can customize our standard platforms to meet your needs.

Public Safety

Our Mobile Surveillance trailers are ideal for deployment at concerts, sporting events, fairs, and demonstrations. Whether planned or unplanned, events where large crowds of people gather present challenges to public safety officials. Whether the event is to last hours or days, the ease and quickness of deployment of our trailers get police and event management the information they need in a timely manner. Just the appearance of our trailer products provides a crime deterrent, making these public gatherings even safer.

Remote Asset Protection

Expensive equipment and materials used for construction or by government agencies for infrastructure maintenance are often temporarily left at remote work sites. Our Mobile Surveillance trailers can be crucial for securing these items from theft and vandalism while they are in use. 24/7 live video of items such as heavy equipment and supplies can give contractors, government agencies, and security personnel peace of mind that these expensive items are secure.

Law Enforcement

Our Mobile Surveillance trailers include a variety of options that are well-suited for law enforcement applications. Vehicle speed indicators with covert cameras or license plate recognition are ideal for temporary deployment at construction or incident sites. A variety of lighting, alarm and shot detection options make our Mobile Video Surveillance trailers useful for 24/7 deployment in high crime areas.

Emergency Management

Unplanned major events create a lot of problems for local, state, and federal Emergency Management agencies. Quick decisions are needed to save lives and property. The ability to quickly and easily deploy our Mobile Surveillance trailers give you eyes on the scene exactly when you need it.