HD Video Surveillance Solutions

Video technology can be a powerful deterrent to both external and internal theft. It can also provide evidence and help protect you from false slip-and-fall claims and similar threats. FS Systems, Inc. can provide a state-of-the-art video surveillance solution that uses the latest digital video technology for continuous, automated recording and clear images that never degrade. What's more we can seamlessly integrate cameras, digital video recorders and ancillary equipment with card access, verified audio detection and any other modular components of your system for even greater security.

With a complete CCTV system, you have the functionality to check on your business or properties from anywhere in the world via internet connectivity. Simultaneous recording and video playback ensures that you never miss an important event at your facility, even when you review the events already recorded. The technology today will allow you to customize your system to meet the needs of your infrastructure, be it IP or hardwired analog system.

Video surveillance is now playing an increasingly important role in proactively deterring crime, as well as in the investigation after an incident takes place.

By monitoring grounds, sensitive areas, and general work spaces, your organization can literally keep an eye on everything at once. With new technology available today, your intelligent video surveillance system can actually monitor unusual behavior for you and create alarms for suspicious activities through live video feeds or by providing time/date stamps for later viewing. This drastically reduces the need to view hours of video when investigating an incident.

FS Systems, Inc's engineering teams will work with you to navigate such issues as:
  • Developing a surveillance master plan that creates value and long-term strategy for the executive management team while functioning properly on a tactical level.
  • Building a communication plan that articulates improved return on investment (ROI) and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Preparing a design, implementation, and service strategy that considers short and long-term needs, as well as a plan to install and care for your video solution.

FS Systems, Inc. has helped hundreds of organizations understand their options, and we will work with you to engineer customized solutions that fit your unique needs.